Two Launches

Even though the haze is a sensory phenomenon, we know from PM2.5 that what you can’t see or smell tells you what’s really important. In the same way, the two events I’m a part of this Singapore Writers Festival aren’t (yet?) found on its website, but are entirely free and eminently worth checking out.

1. 31 October 4-5pm The Arts House Gallery

Combined book launch of my Deeds of Light and David Wong’s For the End Comes Reaching. Moderated by Joshua Ip.

The back matter of Deeds reads, for now:

The city is a prism through which ordinary life, at first a seeming undifferentiated white, splits into its constituent colours. In Deeds of Light, words are prisms through which experiences are revealed. Belying a desire to make new and bright the usual ways of talking about place and belonging, these poems in both form and content navigate the myriad ways in which the sound of speech and the habits of culture interact and assert themselves.

Both book manuscripts were selected to undergo a rigorous experience of workshopping through Josh’s Manuscript Bootcamp, and I for one can say that the insights generated by the bootcamp have shaped the resulting work indelibly. Watch out for more insights into the shaping process over the next few weeks.

2.  4 November 8-9.30pm The Arts House Gallery

Launch of and SingPoWriMo 2015 is an online repository of, you guessed it, Singapore poetry. I serve as the critical editor for this project, and am really excited to bring you new essays on poets from Theophilus Kwek to Wong May, many of whom suffer from a lack of critical attention. This launch will only feature 50 poets, but we hope to continue adding to the site over time.

SingPoWriMo 2015 needs little introduction. I have a couple of poems in Deeds that were generated from both this and last year’s editions of the online slugfest. No better place to read the work of new/emerging/unknown local writers. Crowd-generated and -funded, too! A small tidbit—I had a hand in encouraging Leit Motif, one of the SPWM editors and a secret literary agent, to come on board for the project. I hear she will be making an appearance at the launch, cloaked in the shadows…

Come down and say hi!

Hao Guang Tse